Weight Loss with Intuitive Eating

intuitive eating Jun 04, 2022

The weight loss struggle is real, and everyone has their own set of struggles for not maintaining the weight they lose. Someone might feel like they are being restricted a lot, and they would simply ditch the diet plan, and some struggle to control their portions. Other times, the majority of people just lose their motivation.

You can get a handful of tips and tricks to lose weight, and you might dig the internet endlessly for ways to stay motivated too. However, the bitter truth is that staying motivated to lose weight is a struggle that you will be handling daily until it becomes a part of a consistent routine. There are endless types of weight loss plans, each focusing on some different style to lose weight. Some emphasize the number of calories you take daily while others focus on the fasting style diet and some utilize macros to boost your calorie burn rate. Sadly, they miss out on the major element that you must know and understand to lose weight, your body requirements, and what supports you in the long run. Thus, to manage your weight, an intuitive eating style is the best plan for weight loss.

What is Intuitive Weight loss Plan?

Intuitive weight loss plan is all about discovering what is great for your body and what isn’t really working. It does not emphasize on the caloric intake and carbs. However, its core focus is on what the body needs and how it can be consumed to lose weight and maintain it. Thus, intuitive eating is a more mature and comprehensive outlook towards weight loss, which helps you in keeping off the fat for a longer time span and maintain it for good.

How to strengthen your Intuition?

In intuitive eating, you need to strengthen your intuition so that you can understand what your body is trying to tell you. Once you train your mind to connect with your body, you will feel what your body requires and what it doesn’t need. It will certainly take some time but here are some ways through which you can strengthen your intuition:

  1. Eat Mindfully:

Never have meals in a hassle; first, because you never feel satisfied and second because you won’t ever notice how your body reacts to the food you are eating. Thus, mindful eating is the key to a successful weight loss plan. Before eating, make sure that you are actually hungry. Also, eat gradually and chew your bites for longer so that you get fuller faster.

  1. Make Time for Yourself:

Life can feel extremely monotonous and head on busy these days, which doesn’t allow us to sit and eat mindfully or focus on our body. Being stressed can really ruin your eating habits and caloric intake. Thus, take time out for yourself and keep your head straight about the choices you make. When you feel happier and positive from within and give yourself time, you usually make smarter eating choices.

  1. Trust your Instinct:

Social life has taken a toll on us and we usually eat more than we should while hanging out with friends and colleagues. Surrounding yourself with people who have unhealthy habits will usually put you in the same position and vibe too. Thus, you must reduce this habit. If your instinct is saying that you are eating out a lot and it is destroying your body than you need to stop doing it. Eliminating some distractions in life will bring a huge difference and limiting your exposure that goes against your healthy lifestyle choices is going to help a lot.


Figuring out what your body needs and reacts best to is not going to happen overnight. Intuitive eating is a time taking process and you must focus on it for some time so that you can achieve results that are long-lasting. It can be a bit challenging at the start but trying a bit every day can help you in building an intuitive eating style. Once you know what your body requires, you will notice a great and positive change in your body and will start losing weight too.