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Living without fear, shame, and obsession IS possible.

However, I also know what it's like to feel broken and hopeless....


Early in my journey, I struggled with low self-confidence and an extreme fear of food.

Life felt off-balance, especially when it came to finding a way of eating that focused on nourishment (that wasn't overly restrictive). 

I struggled to know how to show up for myself in a way that felt aligned with my needs and that I actually enjoyed practicing!




... consumed by thoughts about food, feeling defeated, anxious, and out of control all the time, never feeling good about my body and frustrated by not knowing what to do to feel better. I knew I wasn't living up to my greatest potential....and I (wrongfully) convinced myself that “everything would be ok if I could just lose more weight!”

MY DIETING TURNED INTO AN EATING DISORDER dieting took a severe toll on my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It got so out of control that I was hospitalized and on the brink of dying. Without a doubt, the treatment I received during that time saved my life, but it didn’t make me whole again. It may have restored my physical health, but I still felt broken inside.

I wondered if there was more to life than just suffering.


I thought I was doomed to always struggle and had no real understanding of how to heal.

I needed to get to the root of what was causing me to be disconnected from my body and eating experience.

Even when I first started training to become a therapist, I didn’t understand why I continued to struggle—despite being in graduate school, attending weekly therapy, and reading every dang self-help book I could get my hands on!

Thankfully, though, I finally gained the clarity I was so desperately missing. Instead of focusing on feeling broken or unworthy, I created a clear vision for myself that helped me choose actions that were aligned with the future self I wanted to become. Then, I focused on learning everything I needed to create balanced habits for life.

It was time to break free from the diet obsession and addictive behaviors that were causing me to feel guilty, out of control, and like a failure. 

dig down into the roots of my problem so that I could truly heal and start living a life of confidence, joy, and ease.


I’m not going to lie - this required some work. There were tears. I had to delve into my darkest moments, deal with my past traumas, and look deep into my soul.

Many years later, I can honestly say that I no longer struggle with an eating disorder or addiction issues. I feel confident and know my worth. I also love and honor my body and now eat from a space of intuition versus obsession. The battles I once fought are now behind me.

Through this experience and also my work as a Licensed Therapist and Coach, I’ve figured out and developed a system that's successfully shown hundreds of clients how to do the same!

I can show you how to end your fight with food, your body, and toxic substances.... so that you can *finally* feel free to be YOU!



  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – License #96691
  • MA, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • BA, University of California Santa Barbara


Are you ready to experience mind-body wellness & become the happiest person you know?


Mind-Body Thrive offers people like you the opportunity to go from feeling fearful or out of control to a space rooted in love and personal control.

The Mind-Body Thrive framework targets food and body image issues from all angles. You will learn evidence-based techniques to help you eliminate the deep-rooted issues that are causing you to struggle and question your self-worth in the first place so that you can begin living life to your fullest potential. It will give you the ability to feel good about food and your body, and to finally start living your dream life (now)!

If you're ready to THRIVE and feel CONFIDENT using evidence-based tools THAT WORK, click below to start or schedule a consultation.
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